Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Hours of Solving Fun | Windows 10, Download

Access Thousands of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Play Magic Jigsaw Puzzles free to get access to thousands of fun and challenging puzzles! There are over 25,000 jigsaw puzzles to solve and complete. And these are all family-friendly and suitable for all ages. The puzzles feature high-quality images of nature and animals. Shot from the National Geographic Channel, Sony HD, and other professional photographers worldwide.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is frequently updated with new puzzles each day. Every day, there are tons of puzzles that you can solve while you are waiting in long lines or if you sit through traffic. This game is the best past time if you are just looking for a relaxing game that you can play and enjoy while you have extra downtime at work or school.


Solve The Most Difficult Puzzles

While you can relax and play Magic Jigsaw Puzzles at your own pace, you can also kick the gameplay up a notch and take on the challenge of solving more difficult puzzles as you level up. You can start with the simple ones of course. But the game will take you to 5 levels – each with increasing difficulty to solve certain jigsaw puzzles.

The easy and first puzzles will have around 100 pieces. And the hardest ones will have 630 pieces or more! Can you successfully form and piece a large photo to completion? Try your skills here on Magic Jigsaw Puzzles!

Aside from a wide imagination, logical, and puzzle-solving skills, you need to have the determination and patience to complete the most difficult puzzles. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles online is a great brain teaser that can also keep you entertained for hours on end!



Join a Community of Puzzle Lovers

Aside from merely solving thousands of puzzles in the game’s collection, you can also join a large community of fellow jigsaw puzzle lovers from different parts of the world. You can even take a picture and recreate it in a jigsaw puzzle-style. And share with friends and co-players in Magic Jigsaw Puzzles online!

You can make new friends within this puzzle-loving community. And even create a strong bond through sharing puzzle tips and tricks. You can also go to a friendly competition and show off each other the most difficult and biggest puzzles that you have solved so far.


Play Magic Jigsaw Puzzles For Windows 10

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles free is designed for mobile play. But you can also get a Magic Jigsaw Puzzles download for free on PC if you want to enjoy the game on your Windows 10 or Windows 7. The game features easy and intuitive controls. So it is very easy to learn.

Just pick a piece and drag it towards the board to put it in place. If you need to rotate a piece, just long-press it. All the pieces are placed on the right side of the screen. You just have to scroll it up and down to look for the right piece that you can place right away on the board.

Playing Magic Jigsaw Puzzles on PC allows better controls. And you can enjoy the high-quality graphics on a bigger and better screen! Revel on the beautiful photos that you can recreate through jigsaw puzzles in this free and challenging puzzle game.


A Relaxing and Low-Key Challenging Game

If you are looking for a game that could be a great past time while you have downtime at work or school. Or if you just want something to have fun with while you are waiting in long lines and sitting through traffic. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is the best game for you! You can play the game at your own pace, pause and save your progress. Then just continue where you left off when you have the time again.

Although the game can be played at your own pace, it still offers a low-key challenge for you to get better at. You have to keep a good record and ensure that you get to complete as many puzzles as you can. And you also have to keep up with the increasing level of difficulty of the puzzles to complete! There is no time limit. But you do have to improve and get better at puzzle-solving as you go along in the game.

There are thousands of puzzles available on Magic Jigsaw Puzzles. You will surely have a hard time completing them all. But in case you do get to complete all 25,000 puzzles, there are still new ones that are added every day. So you will never actually run out of puzzles to play with!

Just be sure to keep the game updated so you will receive the newest puzzles and quests that are added each day! You can solve the puzzles offline. But when it comes to adding new stuff for the game, you need to have a WiFi connection to download the new additions. Then try some of the other amazing Puzzle Games we have for you like Block Puzzle Jewel and Guess the Logo: Ultimate Quiz!

Game Features

  • Solve over 25,000 jigsaw puzzles!
  • Get new puzzles and quests each day.
  • Join a community of puzzle enthusiasts!
  • A great brain teaser game.
  • 5 difficulty levels with up to 630 puzzle pieces.

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Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Screenshot
Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Screenshot

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Hours of Solving Fun | Windows 10, Download